Westinghouse 42F430S / 47F430S Power on trouble

Recently started having trouble with our Westinghouse 47F430S TV where the TV either would immediately power off or refuse to power on.  Seems this is due to a faulty capacitor.  On some models this is TC51, however it was TC31 on mine.  This is a 470uF 16v capacitor.

When I tore my TV apart I found my capacitor was surface mount, versus the through-hole I saw discussed elsewhere.

First I used my soldering iron to remove the old surface mount.  It was somewhat difficult to heat it up, due to the large PCB.Then I bent the legs of an appropriate through-hole capacitor and installed it in it’s place.

The TV powered on and I am running a burn in test to make sure it runs for several hours…

Yes, this is a 10+ year old TV.  I hope I get a few more years out of it.  Although it has some quirks it’s a nice set and has been a trooper.