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GD-77 Cedar Rapids DMR Codeplug

Anyone operating a DMR GD77 radio in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City may find the following codeplug handy.

v0.1 – Includes Cedar Rapids future repeater, Iowa City DMR repeaters, Analog corridor repeaters, GMRS, FRS, Unlicensed VHF

Do not use this codeplug to transmit on frequencies for which you are not authorized!  Author takes no responsibility for misuse!

Download CedarRapids GD77 Codeplug

Now Access This Site Securely

Astute visitors may have noticed that when going to your browser now displays a “secure” icon.

Working with the fine folks over at Lets Encrypt I have now deployed SSL/TLS security on this website.

I have also worked hard to enable the highest level of security on the nginx (web server) back end hosting this site, and am happy to say that the site has an A+ rating from Qualys.  Rest assured that the data between this server and your web browser cannot be intercepted or modified in any way.

A+ Qualys Scan

In the future Google will weigh SSL/TLS enabled websites higher in search results, so the time is now to secure your sites!