GD-77 Iowa DMR Codeplug

Hello everyone, here is an updated GD-77 codeplug that covers the entire state of Iowa.


—–>  Download Iowa DMR GD-77 v2018-09-23 <—–

Please keep these oddities in mind when using:

The GD-77 requires the current talkgroup ID to be present in the RX group, even for the channel you are currently tuned to.  This behavior is different than the MD380 which will always play audio for the talkgroup programmed in the current channel.  To avoid having to create dozens of rx groups, my codeplug is configured with the following groups:

  1. Brandmeister TS1
    1. 31190 Chat
    2. 31191 Des Moines
    3. 31192 Waterloo
    4. 31193 NW Iowa
    5. 31194 SW Iowa
    6. 31195 SE Iowa
    7. 31196 Cedar Rapids
    8. 9 Local
    9. 3100 US
    10. 310 TAC
    11. 31199 DMX NWS
    12. 31198 DVN NWS
    13. 31691 WI-IA-IL
  2. Brandmeister TS2
    1. 3119 (IA3119)

This means that by default when using this codeplug, you will sometimes hear traffic for another talkgroup that is on the same timeslot.  The GD-77 does not change it’s assigned talkgroup while this is happening. For example: If you’re tuned to talkgroup 31196 ON time-slot 1 and hear traffic for TG 31199 you wish to respond to, you need to change channels to a channel configured as talkgroup 31199 before you can respond on talkgroup 31199.

Also keep in mind I have not created separate rx groups for each repeaters ‘local’ talkgroup, so you should manually do this is use of those talkgroups appeals to you.

Power save options have been disabled to improve RX preformance.

Radio configuration has been changed to allow 2 additional TX attempts to reach repeater as this is misconfigured in stock codeplug.

Please contact me with any changes, errors, or problems,