Updated Pro-96 Scanning on Linn County

Hello All!  Back again with an updated Arc96 file ready for you to upload to your Pro92/Pro2096

–> Download Cedar Rapids P25 August 2014 Here <–

In this revision I have broken out the banks in such a manner to easily allow the user to switch between scanning CRPD/CRFD/County and Fire.

Bank 0: Linn P25: CRPD
Bank 1: Linn P25: Sheriff
Bank 2: Linn P25: CRFD
Bank 3: Linn P25: County Fire
Bank 4: Linn P25: Ambulance
Bank 5: Linn P25: Johnson County All
Bank 6: Johnson P25: Johnson County All
Bank 7: HAM Radio
Bank 8: FMRS/GMRS/Etc
Bank 9: IP&L Line Crew