Pro 96 Scanning on the new Linn County System

Well the Linn County system has come online, and despite what I had originally thought, this scanner CAN be used to receive the new Linn County P25 system (CRPD, CRFD, etc)!

There are a few gotcha’s that are explained in depth on Radio Reference:

These basically boil down to: update your scanner DSP to 1.4 and don’t expect to hear everything.

That said, I’ve created an updated Arc96 file ready for you to upload to your Pro92/Pro2096

–> Download Cedar Rapids P25 March 2014 Here <–

Google Doc that explains the talkgroups within the banks available here.

Bank 0: Linn Area Law Enforcement (CRPD, Linn, Marion)
Bank 1: Linn Area Fire (CRFD, Linn, Marion)
Bank 2: Johnson County All (JoCo, ICPD)
Bank 3: RACOM South CR
Bank 4: RACOM North CR
Bank 5: FRS/GMRS
Bank 6: Air & Rail
Bank 7: HAM Radio
Bank 8: OPEN
Bank 9: IP&L Line Crew