GD-77 Cedar Rapids DMR Codeplug

Updated May 23, 2018

Anyone operating a DMR GD77 radio in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City may find the following codeplug handy.

This codeplug is based on the very hard work of the Iowa DMR Group.  I have attempted to duplicate the MD380 codeplug for the GD-77

Please Note: I have not added the talkgroups to the RX Group List so you will need to enable Monitor mode on your radio each time you power it on to properly hear DMR calls.  In Monitor mode (sometimes called promiscuous mode) you will hear any calls for any talkgroup on the timeslot you are connected to.  This is useful as you can easily hear if the timeslot is in use before interrupting a QSO.  The monitor function can be activated by a long press of SK1 (the key directly below the PTT) and must be turned on each time the radio is powered on (it is not stored in the radio)

This codeplug Requires Radioddity v2.0.5 programming software and radio firmware v3.0.6!!  Tools can be downloaded HERE from my site however if you are untrusting you should download directly from Radioddity’s facebook.

Remember to update your Radio Name to your callsign (purely cosmetic) and your Radio ID to your DMR-MARC assigned ID under General Settings

v0.5 – Zones:

  1. Waterloo Metro
  2. Cedar Rapids Metro
  3. Des Moines Metro
  4. Cedar Rapids W0GQ
  5. HS1 441.1
  6. HS2 441.2
  7. Iowa City K0GH
  8. DMR Simplex
  9. HS2 AK to IL
  10. HS2 IN to NH
  11. HS2 NJ to VT
  12. HS2 WA to WV

Download CedarRapids GD77 Codeplug