Updated Pro 96 Pro 2096 Cedar Rapids Police Scanner Config

It’s been 3 years since I last posted an updated Pro 96/2096 scanner file for the Linn County metro area.

There has not been a significant number of changes in public service scanning in Linn County in that time. However, I have revamped my scanner programming to cover a new approach in scanning.

I am posting a new version (version 3) of my scanner file today.  This is a Arc96 Binary formatted file which can be programmed with the application Arc96 and a data cable.

I have removed much of the business banks and expanded public service banks, to offer a more fine tuned approach to scanning. During busy periods, it may be desired to listen to only police or only fire / ambulance. In this new programming table, that is possible.

*** Download CR Pro 96 Scanner November 2013 (v3) HERE ***

One final note, we are in the end days of digital scanning in Cedar Rapids with the Pro 96.  This radio is not compatible with the new Linn County system coming online which will eventually replace the Motorola system used by Cedar Rapids.

Here is the new bank chart:

0. CR Police (Trunk Group 0) [Motorola] 
1. CR Fire (Trunk Group 0) Ambulance (Trunk Group 1) [Motorola] 
2. Linn Police / Fire / EMA 
3. RACOM South CR [EDACS] 
4. RACOM North CR [EDACS] 
6. Air & Rail 
7. HAM Radio 
8. CR City (Trunk Group 0) 5 Seasons Transportation (Trunk Group 1) [Motorola] 
9. Iowa Power and Light Line Crew (Trunk Group 0) [Motorola]